Polymanga Swiss Cosplay League (PSCL) 2023

The Polymanga stage will host a new national individual cosplay competition.

Polymanga Swiss Cosplay League

The Polymanga Swiss Cosplay League (PSCL) is a national individual cosplay competition bringing together cosplayers selected in pop culture conventions in Switzerland for a final round, which will take place on Friday the 7th of April 2023 at the prestigious Montreux Stravinsky Amphitheater in Switzerland. The cosplayers selected for the finals will be offered transportation and the accommodation will be entirely paid by the organisation (more information under « travel and accommodation »).


Representatives have already been selected for the first edition in one of the following events:

  • Arcana (Morges)
  • Aki no Matsuri (Winterthur)
  • Destination Tokyo (Valais)
  • Gamesoul (Baden)
  • HeroFest (Bern)
  • Japan Matsuri (Bellinzona)
  • Polymanga (Montreux)
  • Cosplay Kumite (Online)
  • Japan Impact (Lausanne)

Rules and information

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